We are putting geography in the palm of your hand, one state at a time.

Integrity Logic is in the process of releasing a new type of GIS (geographic information system) for the iPhone. We have already released applications covering all the states in the West, plus a significant portion of the rest of the country. Each application has between 21 and 50 layers of information, centered on human and physical geography, and is fully GPS-enabled.

The set of layers is customized for each application. For instance, it makes a lot of sense to have plate boundaries in California, because they are so important there. But not so much in New York and New Jersey, where the glacial boundaries are much more relevant.

The recent releases of the application, like Geograph MO and Geograph CO, have many additional layers that can be downloaded from the application.


Partial list of layers (full list here)

  • states outlines
  • the complete geological map from USGS
  • terrain elevation
  • bathymetry (ocean depth)
  • glacial limit (NY/NJ/CT)
  • USGS quadrangles
  • faults
  • annual precipitation
  • plate boundaries (CA and WA/OR)
  • all significant earthquakes
  • urban areas
  • counties
  • township and range
  • hydrology
  • roads and major streets
  • railroads
  • all cities and towns
  • active mines
  • ecological regions
  • volcanoes (CA and WA/OR)
  • sinkholes and sinkhole types (FL only)
  • potassium/argon dates
  • main river basins (TX only)
  • main aquifers
  • ZIP codes
  • mineral resources
  • and more...

While this is a professional-quality tool, it is easy to use and can be a lot of fun for anyone who enjoys geography, maps, and in particular the physical geography of their state. The level of detail is often surprising for such a (relatively) small application.
We have a lot more in the works! More data, more states, more features. This application is rapidly evolving and we expect it to grow to encompass the entire USA, and beyond.

Clickable map of the US states California Texas Florida New York, New Jersey and Connecticut Washington and Oregon Arizona Colorado Utah Nevada New Mexico Idaho Montana Wyoming Minnesota Wisconsin Illinois Ohio Massachusetts Virginia North Carolina Georgia Michigan Missouri
Coverage so far